Lys: The Apples and Home

"Guttersnipe? What- oh." They had arrived. There was no use doing anything now. They had probably already been seen. She checked Concordia and let the Guttersnipe take the lead. It was her moment. Hers to relish, and heaven forbid that Aithne would keep her from it. She returned to her place just behind Master Lucius and followed as she had for so many days.

There was a pleasant scent heavy in the air. It had come on so slowly, Aithne had not noticed it before now. Her eyes grew wide. Apples! She vaguely recalled mention of an apple orchard, but not enough to make the scent so strong.

"I have come home." she said. She was unaware she had spoken aloud. Tears blurred her vision, and she blinked them away. Oh Christos... it is more than I'd hoped.

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