Lys: The Spell of Music

Aithne was drawn in by the song. So involved she was, it was not until he had finished that she realized she had crept closer, until she was almost across the room from him, though still in the shadows.

When he had stilled his harp, he looked up and saw her. She would've drawn back, perhaps murmured an apology and left, but the spell of the song was still on her, and instead she took his smile and nod as permission to come closer. So she did, walking quietly, kneeling almost at his knee. "That was beautiful." she whispered, as though speaking aloud would shatter the music. "Lord Ambrosius is twice-blessed to have such a bard." Her eyes involuntarily strayed to the harp in his hands- the curious yet beautiful harp, the like of which she'd never seen.

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