Lys: Curiousity.

Singing the song had helped. The Guttersnipe had saved their lives. She knew that from the start, of course, but it had been overshadowed by the shock of it being the Guttersnipe who had done it.

The girl had gotten a faraway look in her eye, and Aithne wondered where she was. Memory? Foresight? Deep in thought? But a moment later, she came out of it, and picked a twig from her tunic. Aithne shook her head and watched forward again. It was strange, herding horses. Cattle, she knew. Horses on the move, en masse and riderless, were wholly new to her.

The sun soon reached the tops of the trees, and she pulled her cloak a little closer around herself.

"Might I know where we're going, now?"

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