Jenny: Tumbled Amber

Lucius gave her hand a gentle pat on his way out, which was comforting. He would sleep tonight - and Wulf, who could sleep anywhere - but she did not know about herself. The Guttersnipe was obediently crawling into her bed as she crossed to take down her hair and remove her jewellery. Soon the girl would be asleep.


Turning in her chair she watched the Guttersnipe fold up under her blankets across from the slave-girl, who was at present tiding pillows. Who could sleep? she wondered. She knew intuitively that she would be awake for hours, lost in every possible avenue of failure and reminding herself over and over that they could not fail, that too much depended on them to even entertain the thought. She would be grateful when it was over, but it would be a long waiting. She wondered, looking at herself in the mirror, if they would remember her. For one moment the fear of being totally forgotten and left behind caught her by the throat, then she managed to shove it away and stand, the amber earrings tumbling from her hands to the tabletop.

Your time has not yet come.

She blew out the light.

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