Lys: Serendipity

Aithne trailed along in Master Lucius's wake, until they came to their destination. Then she dismounted quickly so as to hold Master Lucius's stirrup for him. Someone else- she did not know who, took the horses to stable them.

She was surprised when he continued to have her support him. That role usually went to Wulf or the Guttersnipe. But Wulf had gone with the horses, and the Guttersnipe would not be serving any longer. So she took his arm, and walked with him as he met... Lord Ambrosius. She was slightly in awe of the man, having heard so much about him. The conversation between her master and the lord did not much register. She was snapped out of her reverie, however, when Master Lucius started forward again.

They were led into a very cozy dining hall. Until then, Aithne had not realized how cold she was. Warm are the fires in Lord Ambrosius's rath, great is the welcome, and therefore thrice blessed is the household. This she would say, were she not a slave and bound to silence.

She stood near Master Lucius, attending him, but wishing she could sit. Why is it one can sit a horse all day, yet still wish to sit down when one comes to rest? Not needed at the moment, she took in her surroundings. The board took up only part of the space. Round about the room were rugs and furs and benches, and the fires blazed merrily. Then her sight was arrested by an object in the corner. A harp! It was unlike her father's harp. Very unlike. But there was no mistaking it. She looked around the room. Surely these warriors did not play. Where was their bard? On such a return, would he not be playing? Or was he waiting to hear an account, that he might put it into song?

Her fingers itched to play the instrument. It was well cared for, and besides that, well loved. The seasoned wood was strong, the strings were good quality... oh, that she might hear it played!

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