Lys: Unknown Enemy

Aithne was falling under the power of a warm fire and a warm dog, only half hearing what went on about her, when she suddenly heard her name mentioned. She blinked to full wakefulness in time to hear the Guttersnipe ask about the Attacotti.

"I..." All eyes were on her. Only a moment ago she had blended in to the wall, and now they were watching her. "I do not know his name. He bought me from my captors, put me on his ship and sailed me over-sea, then sold me to someone else on this shore. I did hear his men call him something- I do not know if it was his name or his title. It sounded much like our words for High King- Aird Ri, yet different enough for me to know it was not the same. The similarity between my language and their's, judging from what I could understand of them, makes me think that the meaning is not that different, and that they were simply calling him their chief."

She lowered her gaze. "I am sorry I cannot be of more help to you."

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