Lys: Selfish

Aithne woke to the sound of birds chirping above her. There was a short moment of bewilderment, then she sat up quickly. She had slept here all night! A groan escaped her. How could she have done this? Master Lucius had never beaten her before, but if ever there was a reason to do so... He would at least be upset, probably angry.

Or he may be buried up to his eyebrows in books and not even notice.

Nevertheless, she should never have run off in the first place. It was selfish from start to finish. She still ached for freedom, but she had her duties, and others shouldn't suffer for that.

So she stood, brushed herself off as best she could, and made her way back to the camp, hoping to speak to Master Lucius immediately. The spent campfire still had little tendrils of smoke coming out if it, and the Guttersnipe's bedroll was empty, but Master Lucius remained asleep. It's just as well. she told herself. At least this way he won't know you were out all night.

Cu came bounding up to meet her, excited, but keeping his voice to a small whine, rather than his usual bark. She managed to get him to sit and be still as she stroked his back, sitting close to ward off the early morning chill. Soon enough she would have to face them.

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