Lys: Long Night

You would think time would move more quickly. She lay in her room, staring at the moonlight cast against the wall. Her room. This had been the first time she'd had her own room in... how many years? She wondered if she would have her own room in Lord Ambrosius's rath. Probably not. she thought. It's probably not as large as here. There is less need for it to be so.

She hoped, perhaps, that she would be allowed to bunk with the Guttersnipe, though that would be very unlikely. The girl would go back to being the Ward of Ambrosius, and Aithne would remain Master Lucius's slave. However nice everyone was, the fact remained that she was a slave.

She huffed a sigh. "Be grateful, Aithne. It would be much easier for them to leave you behind. After all, you've fulfilled your duties- the blankets are done, and you're more trouble than you're worth on a journey like this." Sleep would be welcome, but her mind was running fast on numerous subjects. And every time Gwenhwyfar came to mind, she grew angry and frustrated, until she was near to tears at one point.

Finally, she wore herself out with it all, and dropped off into merciful sleep.

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