Lys: A Lady

Master Lucius rose, and a moment later, so did Aithne. Whatever had happened? The Guttersnipe was... a lady. She did not seem so girlish any more. She looked equal to her station for the first time Aithne had ever seen. Always before she looked a slave girl or a girl man-raised. This was the first time she ever looked a woman.

And she looked every inch a princess. In fact, Aithne found herself automatically bowing her head in the respect a slave owes such a one. She raised it slightly when the Guttersnipe asked a question, but found herself unable to return completely. After all, she had wronged the girl, too, and had yet to beg forgiveness from her. "I... I slept well." Huddled under a bush, I slept more deeply than I have since we left.

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