Lys: Late!

Aithne awoke to the sun streaming through her window. She sighed a contented sigh and rolled over. The bed was the softest she'd had in... possibly forever. It wrapped her up in itself and lulled her to a half-sleep from which it seemed impossible to wake.

I suppose I should get up, she thought, though she did not move. Master Lucius will- Her eyes flew open and she sat bolt upright. Master Lucius! He would need her more now that the Guttersnipe was no longer his servant, and here she was, sleeping the day away. Throwing off the covers, she rose, swaying slightly at the speed of it. She reached for her dress, only then to remember that she hadn't bothered to undress the night before. Looking down, she found herself rumpled and wrinkled. But there was no time nor way to remedy that. She quickly combed through her hair, braided it out of the way, and scrambled towards the hall, knowing Wulf would have handled anything before breakfast. Were they at home, she'd be cooking right now.

You are at home, Aithne. That made her pull up short, which was just as well, as Master Lucius was only a few yards off, being helped by the Guttersnipe.
She trotted up to them. "I'm so sorry I'm late! Please forgive me, Master Lucius. I overslept."


Jenny said...


I just looked at your villa plan. I didn't realize the kitchen was so close. I thought it was a separate building, a bit away from the villa.
If I'd known it was that close Aithne might not have been so uncertain about going back to the main area.

See you tomorrow!


Jenny said...

Yeah, it's all pretty mishmashed. It's an old house, and they sort of built onto it as they needed to.

I'm going to be out probably all morning, but hopefully I will catch you this afternoon.


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