Lys: A Little Tight

It is as I thought, then. She is staying behind. She clenched her jaw, and was about to speak when she saw the Guttersnipe's face. Aithne was not the only one affected by the news. She laid a comforting hand on the girl's shoulder, but the Guttersnipe winced and pulled away, and so that was that.

They arrived at the stables, and Aithne mounted with relative ease, sitting patiently while Wulf secured her to her mount. "Ow!" The reaction came inadvertantly, but was whispered. "A little tight..." She wondered if she would have feeling in her legs when they stopped. It looked as though Wulf was going to ignore her, but then, with a small huff, he loosened it ever so slightly. She gave him a grateful smile, to which he just grunted and moved on.

Once again, conversation swirled around and over her. She settled her bag crosswise over her shoulder, secure and out of the way, and paid attention to Concordia while she waited. Cu stood by, very tame and patient, as if he knew Important Things were happening. You still need a bath.

As they moved out, Aithne guided Concordia to Master Lucius's side, so as to be nearby should he need something.

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