Jenny: Restless Pigeon

In the darkness the Guttersnipe could hear Gwenhywfar climbing into bed and Domitia sliding into her own place. There was a moment of stillness, then the deep drum of the cat began, as it did every night, as Gwenhywfar absentmindedly stroked it while she thought before she slept. The low tang of the smouldering candles filled the air and made her drowsy.

I'll never be able to sleep tonight, she thought. And what's the point? I only have to get up early in the morning anyway.

With a heavy sigh she slipped back out of bed and went to the door. The thrumming of the cat altered, wavered, then continued at its steady pace. She knew Gwenhywfar was awake, listening to her, so she cracked the door and poked her head out into the shadowy corridor and whispered, "Domitia?"

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