Jenny: Candlelight

"Famous!" Master Lucius broke a smile. "I had no idea it had got that far already. News comes rarely of such things, especially on such northern limes as ours. Every now and then I hear of some new flurry of controversy in Constantine's City - do those folk do nothing but argue? Greeks! Yes, we Greeks, we thrive on arguments. You would think that they would concentrate on godly living, on studying the Scriptures; but even that will not do. One fellow sees a thing one way, and another sees a thing another way, and with Paul's admonishments thrown to the wind they are up in arms at once, and before they can blink they have a heresy on their hands where before they had nothing but an idle difference of opinion. It will happen and they will argue, and God knows the gate of heaven are sorrowful for it."

Realizing he had gone off again, he came back to the point. "Who is the monk, and how did he come to be in your region?" He cast about still unsuccessfully for something to write on. "Where was your region...?"

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