Lys: House of Healing

Aithne smiled a little. "These things" he had said. As if he did not have as much hand in his stock as the Guttersnipe did.

The monk- was he even a monk? did not remind her of Brother Parthalán, and for that she was glad. She approved, also, of the man himself. He was not so caught up in the Guttersnipe's return- miraculous and wonderful as it was- that he could not see the rest of her band or offer them hospitality. All the same, she hoped he would be able to see her as soon as possible. He should not have to wait longer.

As they rode on, the scent of apples and woodsmoke grew until it permeated everything. How she longed to ask about the orchard she knew must be nearby. Apples meant health. Yes, it was a wive's tale, but for her it was true. An apple in the morning kept her healthier and more alert than anything else could. Away from the painfully poignant reunion, she was able to once more take the place on its own merits, and it was as though she had found a house of miracles, where the sick were healed and the lame made to walk. That had her thinking- would Master Lucius also regain his strength here?
But she restrained herself and followed dutifully, taking it all in as she rode.

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Jenny said...

Now that she's away from the homecoming scene, it's easier for her to think of the place as Lord Ambrosius's, without being fully reminded of home.

See you Monday!


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