Lys: Blessings In Disguise

Aithne watched, stunned, as Gwenhwyfar came to her aid. When she turned to leave, Aithne hurried after her, grateful to be away from the men. Once they had left the hall a sufficient distance behind them, she caught up a little. "Thank you, My Lady. I'm sorry, I didn't know what to do." That is, she knew exactly what to do, had she been a free woman. But in this case... there were too many masters. She was not quite yet in danger, and she had no wish to arouse Vortigern's anger or give him any reason to be alert tonight.

Alert... "If I may be so bold, My Lady... perhaps this is a good thing. These Gauls and their leader will soon be asleep in their cups, harmless and near useless, as will be those of the household who joined them." She went no further. It wasn't necessary- Gwenhwyfar had probably thought of that much earlier, and no one else needed to know about the plan. She looked around for Mordred. Not that it mattered. The boy always managed to stay hidden when he wanted.

Soon we will no longer live for your amusement, Mordred.

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