Lys: Remembrance

She felt the tension break before there was any outward indication of it. All she knew was that suddenly the air was less heavy about her, and a moment later the Guttersnipe was flying headlong down the hill, and a young man was running to meet her. Their reunion was beautiful. It was instantly obvious that Jason had missed her as much as, or perhaps even more than, she had missed him. There was a huge dog near them, and Cu shivered and barked by her, staying close but excited at the prospect of a new friend.

And the tears came to her eyes again, though she pushed them back. It was a happy time for everyone else. It was sweet for her as well. Why, then, wasn't she happy for them?

Because when she looked into Jason's face, she saw Caithair, and when she looked at their surroundings, she saw her own home. Presently, she thought, there will be a monk who reminds me of Brother Parthalán, or a bard who... The thought choked off there. Setting her teeth, she wiped her eyes with her cloak, chastised herself for crying, and forced a pleasant look on her face. She would be happy for them. All else is selfishness, Aithne, plain and simple.


Jenny said...

She is happy for them. But seeing someone else get to go home has hit her harder than she thought it would.
(Harder than /I/ thought it would!)


chrysorrhoas676 said...
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chrysorrhoas676 said...
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chrysorrhoas676 said...

I fail at comments.

I do not think Aithne is a brat. Despite the kindness Lucius, Guttersnipe, et al. have shown her, her circumstances are still very daunting. I also hope she is not a brat, because my own reaction would probably be less justifiable. :P

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