Lys: News

Aithne came in, trailing in the imposing shadow of the Lady, quietly in the background as usual. Until Gwenhwyfar started in on Cu, that is. She ran forward to face Gwenhwyfar. "Master Lucius came to keep the Guttersnipe company, and I left Cu to watch over my Master. He would never harm your cat."

Her words were more or less ignored, which she supposed was a good thing, in the long run. She beckoned to Cu, who came willingly. As she started for the door, passing Lady Gwenhwyfar, she heard the Guttersnipe ask for news.

"There is no news."

That brought Aithne's head up and around. There was most certainly news! Horrible news! She tried to catch the Guttersnipe's eye. There is news. I'll tell you when you leave.

She waited just outside the door. We should take her with us. she thought. Take her away from this nightmare. We shouldn't leave her here.

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