Jenny: Emboldened by Crimson

Her hair was too wet now to be put up. She let it hang about her shoulders to dry and struggled damply into her tunic. It struck her with some surprise how much lighter she felt now. Even if it was not the menace of the great fair man with the eyes of a girl in his head, she had beaten someone who wished them harm. Something in her middle had come loose during the fight, something to do with that heady ecstasy, like a splash of crimson wine in a sunlit glass. She felt sturdier, bolder, sure and certain. With a small smile she put her knife away and finished with her boots and belt and went back up to meet Domitia.

"What?" she asked, coming to the colt's head. "Where is Concordia?" She took the colt's lead and looked around. "And Master Lucius? Does he need no help? Put your head between your knees," she added. "You look as though you are about to faint."

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Jenny said...

You can let Domitia stand and talk it out.


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