Lys: Confusion

It was all Aithne could do to keep up with the girl as she leaned around sharp corners. She could hear Cathair behind her, his boots making more of a clatter than the two girls combined.

The girl slid into the chamber and all but cried out. "You said he was awake." she said in an accusing, hurt tone. Aithne had never seen her thus- so distraught. Even after fighting Calidus in what could've been a death-battle, the girl had not been this distraught.

She was at a loss as to how to meet it. "I.. I said he was..." There was unreasonable panic in the girl's face, a panic she herself knew all too well, but which she never dreamed to see in the Guttersnipe. She reached out a hand, hoping to steady her, though she knew it wouldn't work.

Then, mercifully, Lord Artos opened his eyes, and she flung herself at him so desperately that Aithne was afraid she'd knock the wind from him. But it was fine, and the two managed to set each other to some ease, though all of them knew the world would not right itself until Lord Artos was on his feet again.

Aithne stepped back, allowing them space, and found herself held by Cathair. She covered his hand with her own and waited quietly in the background for the the two to be done.

Eventually the Guttersnipe turned towards her, and Aithne shepherded her out the door, giving Lord Artos a nod of respect as they left, though she knew he did not see it. "It will not be long before you are back, Guttersnipe. Do not fear."


Cathair had not expected the two to come barreling out of the room at top speed, but he followed quickly- his long strides easily making up for lost space.

When he realized where they were headed, he stopped at the door. He would've stopped Aithne, too, but she entered before he could. So he stood quietly, just beyond the doorway, and watched the scene play out, making certain Aithne was fine and would not start shaking again.

The desperation and subsequent relief in this "Guttersnipe"'s manner proved her to be no guttersnipe. In fact, he recognized her as the young woman he had seen before, in the atrium. By the time they all left the room, he was certain of her station in the villa.

Aithne guided her out towards the food, and Cathair fell into step on the other side, in case she should faint from the stress. He spoke slowly, so as to make his Latin more clear. "There is no reason for fear, my lady. I have seen men recover fully from wounds much worse. Your husband will be well." he assured her.

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