Lys: Introductions

When Jason came up and began speaking to the Guttersnipe, Aithne ducked under Cathair's arm and wrapped her arms around him, simply because she could. She wasn't the odd one out, not on her own at least. And as such, she could smile at them with genuine happiness. She knew she should have been doing so all along, but Cathair...
Regardless of what she should or shouldn't have done in the past, she was smiling now, and that was something.

The Guttersnipe knelt to pet Frip, and Cu came over to nose her hair and request some attention of his own.

Jason turned to Cathair and offered him a hand. Aithne pulled back to allow the men to talk, the smile still on her face.


Cathair wasn't quite certain what made Aithne so cuddly, but he enjoyed it. It was one change for the better. His arm tightened reassuringly.

He was surprised how cold it felt when she pulled away for him to speak to Jason. He was beyond surprised when Jason offered his hand. He regarded it for a split second before taking in a strong, confident grip. "I thank you for patching me up. It's a rare man that will do that for his enemy. Perhaps one in a thousand that would do it and offer his hand after."

He smiled slightly. "I am Cathair, Aithne's... man. I've spent the past ten years trying to find her." His eyes strayed to her before returning to Jason. "And apparently I've been misled the whole time. It was entirely God's doing- our paths crossing again... but when is it ever not?

"Lord Ambrosius has accepted my loyalty. I know, it sounds as though I am either fickle or else a liar and spy, that I would change my colors this way. But... I'm only after serving the right, and from what Aithne has told me, this seems to be a good place for it."

He stopped talking then, feeling as though perhaps he'd said too much or was rambling. It was on his tongue to ask how Lord Artos fared, but he did not. If the man was well, they'd be told, and if he was not, it was not good to have such news running through the valley.

"Thank you, Jason."

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