Lys: Indifference

Cathair bore the look with something akin to indifference. In his mind, it was an honest, valid question. And while she was the lady of the villa, so to speak, her opinion had little bearing on the exchange, so far as he was concerned.

He sat back and observed, only half of him truly attending. The main half was busy trying to determine what to do about this new menace.


When the Guttersnipe returned to her seat, Aithne spoke to her in low tones, not meant for others' ears. "Please don't mind him, Guttersnipe. He... he is neither bard nor Roman, and so does not understand. I can tell you without a doubt that he meant no disrespect." Looking over at him, she added, "Sure, and he has a good heart, for all his bluster."

She bound a few herbs together into a small bundle. Later it would, perhaps, be used for a tea. After this short pause, she asked, "Just exactly what has happened?"

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