Lys: Hysterics

The Guttersnipe did not respond to the hug- or rather, did not reciprocate. But the fact that she sat still long enough to accept it was more than Aithne expected.

She sat back, once more giving the girl some space. "I'm sorry..." she said, softly, an awkward, shy little half-smile on her face. "I just... it's been a long time since I heard someone say such words to me. You have no idea how much they mean."

Her world had been flipped on its head so many times in the past month- so many times even today, that her words fell short. Not that she had none- there were too many.
She suddenly realized there were tears streaming down her face, and she wiped her eyes, inexplicably laughing as she did. She felt as though there were so many conflicting emotions welling up in her at once, she couldn't keep to one. Her laughter had an edge to it- it was louder than it should've been- and her tears were coming faster than they had before.

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Jenny said...

P.S. Don't take it as a ruining of what's just happened.

She'll even out. Might take another shock to get her out of it, but she'll even out.


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