Lys: Think On That

She listened. She listened and tried not to be angry. The Guttersnipe didn't know. How could she? As she said, she'd never had a father. Aithne was grateful for the attempt at sympathy. It was awkward and rote, but it was more than the Guttersnipe usually gave, and therefore more meaningful.

Still, she wanted the girl to know, to understand...

"Think if Lord Ambrosius was cudgeled to death, while you were borne away, unable to go to him." She squeezed her hands against her face, gritting her teeth in an attempt to stop the emotions overtaking her. She swallowed most of it down, though with effort. "Think on that, and you will know it's more than philosophy. More than a 'loss'."


Cathair's heart sank. "It is as I thought, then." There was a bit of silence between them before he asked, "Did the boy have family? I... I would like to speak to them."

He left the reason unspoken. He wasn't quite sure why. But it felt like something between him and the boy's family, not something to be told about here and there. Nevertheless, he thought the surgeon might guess his reasons anyway. Well, let him. There was little to be done about it. If he was to find the boy's family, he'd need to ask someone.

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