Jeanne: Beneath Sovereignty

Druce paused for a moment, uncertain, then took Justin's shoulder and pressed it hard and jerked his friend. "This is only tiredness and an overworked mind speaking, friend. You've been thinking too much on torn-up flesh and Artos' leg and your surgeon things; your morbid fantasies are clouding your judgment, that is all. Do we not all dwell beneath sovereignty? Perhaps," he added, more slowly and thoughtfully now, "the Lord Ambrosius cannot bring us through this one. Perhaps. But through the waiting, and the fight, and the outcome, we have one beside us who is greater by far than even our Hawk and Merlin. Think of that power, Jason!" He shook the other again, as if in this way he could show the man what he meant. "A power infinitely above and beyond what we see as might in our lords. And that mighty Being is equally with all of us, no more with Lord Ambrosius than He is with you and your knife; no more with Lord Artos than with me. So, the waiting is hard; but on the other side of the night is the morning, and night and day are both ordained and ordered underneath the sovereignty of God.

"There," he added after a moment, flicking a wan smile; "my bit of wisdom, I suppose. Take it for what you will."

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