Jenny: Witchery in the Leaven

"No, hu-ush...!" the boy said frantically, jiggling on one heel. He cast cautious glances back at the doorway, afraid Aithne would materialize like a witch out of the gloom beside them. With such thoughts he began to wonder if she was a witch and if she would turn him into something unpleasant. He wondered if she really was poisoning the bread, but she did with her witchery in ways he could not see.

But then he thought that Lord Artos and Lord Ambrosius would have thought of such things, and they would only pick the best for such a job. Sucking in a deep breath, throwing out his chest, he told Druce, "We think the new girl might be a wi - a spy. So I'm spying on the spy to see if she really is a spy." And he added pleadingly, "So don't ruin my cover."

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