Lys: A New Approach

They saw her looking back, and seemed content to ignore the fact, pointing and speaking just below her hearing. For a moment she felt like she was back on the auction block. Humiliating.

Mark the Guttersnipe.

Jason's words came back out of nowhere. Alright then, what would the Guttersnipe do in such a situation?

She had no clue.

Her instinct was to flee. Since she and the Guttersnipe appeared to be polar opposites, one could theorize that the Guttersnipe would therefore approach them.
Approach a group in which two out of three dislike her?

If nothing else, it was bold. She wasn't sure she was prepared for more rejection, though, and she was fairly certain that's all it would win her.

But perhaps, just perhaps, it might win a grain of approval from the Guttersnipe's Jason...

So with a steadying breath, she came forward. "Hello again." She made herself look up from the ground. "I-" Perfect. She'd walked over with no idea of what to say. "I am on my way back to the kitchens, and I thought- would any of you like something to refresh yourselves?"

The offer was genuine enough. She held no rancor for them, only fear.

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