Jenny: I Did Not Know Myself

Mortally embarrassed, the Guttersnipe could not find her voice for a moment. In surprise Artos had put aside his report and stared likewise at Domitia. The rain pattered softly on the window in the horrible silence which the Guttersnipe could not seem to break. She wanted alternately to laugh and to hide, and all that came out of her mouth in the end was a little sob of confusion.

Artos came to her rescue. Reaching out, he took Domitia under the elbow and raised her up. "I am sure there is no call for that," he told her kindly.

"I should think not," the Guttersnipe managed to blurt, having recovered herself. "Has it been bothering you that much, Domitia? Why didn't you say something before? Of course you're forgiven." She could not bring herself to go into the details of Domitia's awkward and prickly behaviour, but she charitably attributed it to her own awkwardness in a new place among new people. "Don't think any more of it," she told the other.

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