Lys: No Safe Harbor

Aithne took a little food on her plate and picked at it. She'd had hopes for this evening, and they were looking to be dashed. She almost wished she was back behind Master Lucius's chair. There she didn't feel as much of a need to fit in. She had a job, and she knew how to do it, and that was her place in the community, wherever she went.

Now she found herself cut adrift in a world she didn't understand- she was trying her best to find safe harbor, and all shores were closed to her.

She looked over at the Guttersnipe. It was really no use trying to talk to her, up the table as she was, nestled between her two favorites. So she kept herself to herself and tried not to make any more enemies.

But a few moments later, she looked over at Caleb. He seemed to be actively ignoring her- doing his best to make sure she didn't catch his eye. It wasn't right. She'd been nothing but nice around him. They had not argued in the slightest. Yesterday he was all warmth. Something was wrong.

"Caleb," she asked quietly. She saw his reaction in his shoulders. He had heard her. "Caleb, did I offend you in some way?"

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Aww! Poor Aithne!

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