Lys: Noticed

Unnoticed? Had he been watching today?

Oh no, never unnoticed. Even as far back as six years old...

“You take that back, Cathair DeCainneach!” Aithne was angry.

“Why should I? It’s the truth. I’ll say it as much as I please- my father’s a warrior, and yours is just a bard.”

Aithne’s eyes flashed lightning. “Just a bard? JUST a bard? Do you know nothing, Caithair? Without a bard, you’d be nothing but a silly boy with a sharp piece of metal.” Arms folded, she eyed the boy that was two years older, and stood a head taller than her, and challenged him. “Which is what you appear to be right now.”

Cathair looked down at her, his own face growing red with anger. “Take it back.” He growled.

She shook her head. “No. Not until you take back what you said about my Da.”

He stepped closer, looming over her, threatening with stance alone. Part of her wanted to shirk from it, but another part of her- the stubborn side, kept her back straight and her chin lifted. It would either come to blows or one would back down.

She was not going to back down.

So she returned glare for glare, until finally he broke off, stepping back. “Oh fine then. Your da’s more than a cowardly harp player who can’t lift a sword.”

At that her blood boiled. Every bit of his tone was laced with sarcasm. With a banshee’s cry, she flew at him, having no idea beyond inflicting harm on the boy who had so little respect for her father. Suddenly she felt herself yanked back by her tunic, and saw Cathair receiving the same treatment.

From this position, it had all came out quickly enough. Cathair was punished for disrespect, she for fighting, and they were told to go separate ways. But as she was herded off, she had looked back over her shoulder and called, “You just wait, Cathair! I’ll be a bard, too! Then you’ll see! Beware my satire on that day!”

That was when she’d first started studying in earnest. From that day on, she had thrown herself into bardic studies.

"Oh no, not unnoticed. You saw that today. There's more than one kind of noticing, scamp."

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