Lys: A Scrap

He looked at her as though she had spit on him, made an excuse, and turned to go. Another twist of the knife. What had she done, that they hated her so? Yelled at the Guttersnipe? She was the Ward of Ambrosius, not a goddess! Yes, it was wrong, but it shouldn't have made such a mess. This was supposed to be a second Eden of sorts- the last bastion of hope in an increasingly darkening world. And yet, it seemed, hate had crept in already- an advance guard. Eden was rotting, and they didn't even know it. Had she brought in the rot?

A few steps away, he turned back. "Seeing to the armour. Jason said she was seeing to the armour." She caught the scrap with gratefulness, however hard it had been thrown, and turned to the villa and the atrium. A few strides and she stood dripping in the doorway, unwilling to come farther lest she harm something. Her eyes peered into the indoor gloom. "Guttersnipe? Are you in here?"

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