Jenny: Noticing

Lucius murmured a gracious, "Oh, that's all right, if you don't mind..." and Jason snorted at Druce. Crossing his arms, leaning against his friend's mare as the other finished, he said, "That will be the girl. It's almost hard, thinking of the Merlin settling down, making a nest. I can settle down, I can make a nest, but Artos - she'll have to be a goddess to pull him in."

Just then he noticed that the girl on the steps was looking their way and had sniffed the gist of their glances. Gesturing surreptitiously, he said, "Look, you would suppose she had never seen a man before in her life. Judging from how she deals with the Guttersnipe, you would think she had never met a girl before, either. Where did she come from? Under a rock?"

Lucius put in helpfully, "Well, the Guttersnipe is different..."

"Sometimes she is so flighty, I think she has a bad conscience," Jason added, shoving his thumbs into his belt. "As much as I hate to say it." Then, a little more gently, he added, "Perhaps she was badly used."

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