Jeanne: Hounds

Druce shouldered his way into the hall with the rest of the pack, but newly returned from his patrol with Lucius and still a little damp with the past rain. He had only had time for a cursory wash; he could feel the dirt still underneath his tunic, but he was content in that it could not be seen.

He sighed, easing himself into his place at the board, not too far from Jason. A glance around the company showed the woman quite near him and he felt irritated; then he remembered Jason's words, spoken in jest though they had been. He had no desire to cause anyone else to imagine seriously that he had an interest in her other than the honest curiosity and distrust he truly felt, so he neither looked at her nor pulled away, which was more his desire. Instead he reached for a cut of bread and looked down the table to Lord Ambrosius' own cluster - Artos, Jason, and the Guttersnipe.

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