Jeanne: Spy's Spy

Druce made a wry face on Aithne's behalf: Caleb's response had obviously not been what she wanted. Well, he thought as he turned back to the conversation on his other side, if she is not a spy, we will know it soon enough and welcome her then. She must learn how life goes on here, though, or she will never get anywhere.

The next time he cast the two a glance he spotted the girl's personal spy, squished between Caleb and his other companion, stuffing his mouth - or, in fact, having it stuffed for him. He did not seem very interested in his guard at the moment, but Druce saw him lean around the Jew once to peer at the woman; then he slumped happily into his place again and opened his mouth, bird-like, to have it filled. Druce grinned at him and, to satisfy the lad's craving for mystery, gave him a conspiratorial wink over the edge of his goblet.

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