Lys: A Fervent Prayer

Aithne awoke with a start. An odd dream, it had been. But it was not her first odd dream. She was sure, if she took the time to puzzle it out, that she would make some sense of it. On the surface it was most likely the result of going to bed with battle on her mind.

As her senses regrouped and formed up, she realized that wasn't what had woken her. There was something pressing on her heart- something she'd not experienced in a very long time.

She was overcome by the urge to pray for Cathair. Cathair? She didn't even know for certain he was still alive. And frankly, she hadn't prayed for him in near eight years, other than short mentions. Was it the Guttersnipe and Jason that brought him to mind? She thought about it and realized it was not.

Throwing off the covers, she slid out of bed and on to her knees. When God speaks, one listens. She bowed her head over the mattress.

Christos, I don't know why you want me to pray for Cathair, but here I am, asking you to keep him safe in whatever situation he finds himself. Protect him, Holy Father, in this hour and all others...

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Lilly said...

Oh! Oh! I hope he lives! I hope he's alive!

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