Jenny: The Uncanny Woman

Jason blew a little wry breath through his nose. With the familiar blade in his hand, rocking to the old burnishing movement, things seemed a little easier. "Uncanny creatures," he added to Druce's words. "And there is more uncanniness in the Guttersnipe now that she has come back home. She has always had a bit of that unpredictable nature, but that is easy enough to come to know, raising wild young things as we do. But this time..." He paused, and spread the one hand with the cloth in it. "She is the same, but this time there is something more. As though the thing beyond the harp-song has got to her, and when she looks at you, you can see that other thing - that higher thing - in her eyes."

He stopped again, more suddenly. "Stop me if I go moonstruck on you."

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