Lys: Unquestionable Loyalty

His words were a verbal slap across the face, and she was shocked to hear them. She blinked a few times, but it wasn't for nothing that her name was Aithne. Free again, the flame returned, flashing in her eyes, and she stood against the words. Putting the bowl and pitcher back down, she turned and looked him directly in the eye. The wind had picked up and blown her hair loose. Coupled with the rain, it magnified the effect of her determination. "Good, then. I'm very glad to hear it." And she was sincere, too. Other than her eyes, she was entirely calm. "But hear me: it is not for you or anyone but Lord Ambrosius to say whether he is my lord or not. Loyalty is a grand thing- 'tis given and accepted between two people and no one else can interfere in it."

She stepped back, standing down before this escalated into something serious. "I'm sorry if I offended you. I did not mean to and I hope you will forgive me. But don't presume to cast me from your lord's presence because of it. My words were born of concern for his needs." She was silent for a moment, and her voice, when it returned, was quieter. "I owe Lord Ambrosius my life, and that makes for a loyalty beyond all others. He is my lord, and forever shall be."


Jenny said...

For those who may not already know, "Aithne" means "Flame".
When not afraid of being mistreated, she can be almost as firey as Gwenhwyfar. Almost.

Unfortunately, due to her lack of stature and beauty, she's not as stunning when she does it.



P.S. I need to strengthen my powers of description. Aithne's remark to Master Imp was half-amused, half-please go away and leave me alone, not sharp and bossy. But misunderstandings happen, so...

Jenny said...

Who's Master Imp - Druce or the boy?

Thanks for explaining; the post makes more sense now!


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