Lys: A Job Well Done

In the hall, Aithne was putting the last touches on some things. She'd done a little investigative work, speaking to Lucretia and the other kitchen girls, and had discovered foods the three men favored. Well, two men. It seemed Lucius was happy with anything set before him.

It was good, hearty fare- beef stew, loaves of fresh bread with new-churned butter, poultry, fish, apples... and she had even managed a moist, heavy blackberry duff. She hoped there would be enough for everyone. Just in case, Lucretia had baked a few apple pies as well. The table was practically groaning with food by the time they had done.

She stepped back and surveyed the work, wiping her hands on her apron. Giving a satisfied nod, she went back and stuck her head in the kitchen doorway, letting Lucretia know she was going to tidy up before supper. She'd already been shooed out, so she did not feel guilty leaving while the others still worked.

A bath would do wonders... But she had no time for such things. She made her way back to her room in the cloister, where she washed up as best she could, changed her tunic- she was relieved to see that someone had washed the one she'd worn yesterday- combed her hair, and made something respectable of herself.

With a little bustle of arranging this and that, she left her room and returned to the villa in time to hear the supper bell.

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