Lys: A Dream

Aithne was just climbing into bed when there was a scratch at the door. She froze, so as to listen better, and heard a familiar whine. With a roll of the eyes and a laugh, she crossed the tiny room and opened the door. "So. The boys threw you out, did they? Come back to beg forgiveness for switching loyalties?"

In answer, Cu whined and laid down, muzzle in paws, and looked up at her with pitiful eyes. She half-laughed and stood aside. "Alright, then. In with you." He bounded in and she sharply rapped out, "But not on the bed. Not with how dirty you are!" He checked himself in the very act of jumping up, and circled a few times before settling down by the head of the bed. She shut the door and laid down, stroking his head as she drifted off to sleep...

Marching, marching, marching for days on end. Alarm had been raised and the advantage was all but gone. Speed was all that mattered now. The commander didn't seem to realize how badly they'd all fight if they arrived exhausted. Thankfully, the officers had begun urging him to stop more often, and he was beginning to listen.
It would not be long before they arrived and she could take her revenge on her enemies- the enemies she had tracked for so many years. Not long now.
The campfire was almost hypnotic as she sat before it. It warmed her and made her feel the aches that had been blocked all day. She took off her shoes and emptied them of bits of stone and twig that had become lodged there, then laid back on her pallet to sleep. The stars and the moon shone above, making her heartsick, somehow. But she watched anyway, because she knew that when they winked out of sight, she would be marching once more- marching towards sweet revenge...

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