Jenny: Odd Pairs

"I assume she is to stay," replied Jason, wondering fleetingly why Druce cared. "I don't know her name. I think she has some connection with that Master Lucius, the little bird-like fellow that came with the Guttersnipe. God knows the Guttersnipe is brawny enough to cart both of them around - they're an odd pair." Casting a glance over his shoulder at Lucius approaching, he indulged his own sharp-edged curiosity. "Why?"


The boy gave it all he had. With a little smile that he made to dance at one corner of his mouth, the way Lord Artos would do sometimes, he asked, "Are you sure you keep your eyes open in your head for such things? Surely you're not unnoticed by fellows." And as he said it, he turned in step with her.

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