Lys: Resolution

"Perhaps there will come a day when I can take your bossing with a smile, as I take the Guttersnipe's."

"Perhaps so." she said with a little smile. "Meantimes I'll do my best not to order you about."
She had taken some umbrage at the insinuation that because she was a woman she could not know Lord Ambrosius's needs as well. Newcomer, yes, certainly. But was not anticipating and meeting needs when able part of the essence of being female? Nevertheless, she let it pass. It wasn't worth the arguement, and they were both striving for peace. She could address the matter later if necessary.

Besides, she had not missed his comment about natives being better than Romans. She wondered where he was from. He dressed like a Roman, he spoke Latin, but then so did nearly everyone these days.

Before she could ask, a figure loomed up. It was Jason, and he was looking like nothing so much as an avenging angel. She took another two steps back. She was a freewoman now, but there were still matters to be resolved between them, and he did not know she was free. Even so, she did not lower her gaze, but faced him steadily, meeting his eyes. "No, sir." she answered, then added, "Unless you wish to examine this man's hand, that is."

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