Lys: Among Enemies

Aithne let out an involuntary squeak as Caleb jumped. Didn't he see her sit down? And even if he didn't, what was so startling about hearing a voice next to you while sitting at a crowded table?

Having jostled the person on her other side, she murmured something like an apology and turned back in time for his response.

She was taken aback at the coolness in his tone. What did I do? Her ally- lone among the menfolk that actually seemed to enjoy talking to her, and he was acting as though... Acting like Jason. And Druce. She didn't understand. She'd been cheerful, open, smiling... and it earned her more cool words and strange looks.

She lowered her eyes, and was met with the sight of white knuckles gripping the dagger. Her eyes flew back to his. "I... I'm glad of that." she said with a sort of smile, somewhat flustered. Then she turned her attention back to her plate and tried to puzzle out just what was happening.

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