Jenny: Elijah

There was a brief lull in the noise as the meal was blessed, and then there was a cheery banging and clatter of knives and dishes, and the sound of all their voices. Except for Lucretia, the Guttersnipe was the only girl at the table. Then she thought there was something wrong with that and, looking round, saw Domitia looking daft and shy in a corner. With a little sigh she began gesturing to get the girl's attention, wondering why on earth she was standing about when there was an empty place at the table.

Failing to catch Domitia's eye, she turned to Jason and murmured, "I'll be but a moment," and she got up from the bench, trotting down the table to confront the girl. "What are you doing?" she purred, taking the other just above the elbow. "We don't keep the space on the bench open for Elijah, you know. Don't be ridiculous. Come on."

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