Lys: Among Friends

"I wasn't sure where to- Elijah? Who is Elijah?" She allowed herself to be led by the Guttersnipe, who plopped her down near her own seat, one removed from sitting across from Jason.

This was a rather bleak prospect. She looked around her and down the table. She picked out Druce fairly nearby, also across the table, but could see neither Lucius nor Caleb. She assumed they were sitting on the same side as she.

She finally risked looking at her neighbors- something that had to be done boldly, not surreptitiously, and was pleasantly surprised to find Caleb on her left.

"Hello!" She said, then stalled a moment, wondering what to say. "I've been wishing for you all day, you have no idea how horrible it was for awhile"? No, silly.

"Have a good day?" she smiled a little. "No more girls stepping into danger underfoot?"

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Lilly said...

I just have to say I <3 *heart* Aithne. And I like the posts. All good posts. I love them.

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