Lys: A Bard, And Yet Not A Bard

She blushed at the unexpected praise, and dipped her head in response. But she wondered if she should correct him. She was not a bard- not yet, not among her people. But perhaps the rules were different in Britannium. She finally decided to ask Caleb or the Guttersnipe later.

She sat a moment longer, stilling the strings and returning the harp to its place. Then she stood, shook out her skirts a little, and returned to her seat. She was a little surprised to see that Caleb had moved to the Guttersnipe's side, but she took her earlier seat without comment on the change. Instead she leaned across the table, eyes shining, and said, "Thank you, Caleb. That was wonderful."

She sat back again, happily. But then she realized that this put her right next to her little shadow, and she gave a small sigh of resignation.

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