Jenny: To Ground

As the song concluded and Domitia rose from the cushions, Jason stretched, blinking back the sleepy feeling that had come on the hall as the music had played. Beside him the Guttersnipe was unfolding, and Frip was shaking himself at his feet. Artos' chair scraped on the flags. At the end of the table there was a general soft rustling of bodies as the folk got up and began to file out into the night, bound for their own cots or for the horse-watch. The women were coming back to clear off the table, and the occupants began to withdraw. Gaius left with Lucretia; Master Lucius, his head already back in a book, was making his way toward his chambers. Caleb had caught Artos and was talking to him softly, grimly, and the Guttersnipe was shaking out her skirt to go to bed.

He checked as he rose, seeing Druce still at the table. Without really knowing why, he put out his hand and touched the other's shoulder. "Come up to my room," he said firmly. "I will be there, by and by."

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