Lys: Disinterest

Instead of the Guttersnipe, it was Wulf who materialized out of the gloom. "Oh!" she exclaimed, a little surprised. "Wulf, have you seen-" But he cut her off with a beckoning hand, turning and walking away, expecting her to follow. The disintrest was comforting, after the looks and words she'd been given today.

He led her to a room she'd not visited before, and she went in. "Guttersnipe I-" Only then did she notice Lord Artos. And the fact that everything indicated this was his room. She was silent a moment, uncomfortable and uncertain. She could not press ahead and ignore Lord Artos. Eventually she pulled herself together and curtsied politely, if still a little uncomfortably. "I beg your pardon, Lord Artos. I don't mean to interrupt." A pause, then, "May I speak with the Guttersnipe?"


Jenny said...

This should be interesting, as I don't know what she's going to say.
Nor where Master Imp is at the moment...

And I just remembered. No one but Master Lucius (and perhaps Lord Ambrosius) knows her new status.


Jenny said...

The Guttersnipe would know without thinking about it. Slaves in her valley is not part of her paradigm.


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