Jeanne: Intruder and Spy

Druce had expected the question, knowing he could not ask so many things himself without making Jason wonder. "She came out of nowhere," he said with a shrug; "or so it seemed. I know just about everyone around this place, and you cannot deny me the right to be a little wary when a newcomer appears - and makes her presence known like that. It seems strange that she is accepted so readily in times like these. Besides," he added, splaying a hand against his mare's cheek, "that boy was more curious than I and had already dreamed up dark things about her. I suppose he piqued my interest."

The rain had stopped and there was a bit of sun glaring behind the clouds, hurting Druce's eyes with its grey brightness. He squinted against it, raising a hand to shield his face and watch Lucius' approach.

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