Jenny: New Orders

Jason gave Domitia one last hard look, noting her well, before he broke off and turned to Druce. "She's gone up to see to the armour," he replied. Moving to the doorway, he had Druce fall in step with him. Outside the light was break and diving through the wind-tossed trees. The stone walks were spattered darkly with the faint rain. He glanced through the wood at the sky, listening to the thunder, wondering why it did not open up and let loose already.

"Caleb and Gaius are still at work. I think you and Lucius should take the afternoon patrol." He jerked his thumb over his shoulder. "I think Lucius is still up the hill setting fish-nets. He probably doesn't even know anything is going on. You'd best fetch him. I'll see to your mounts."

He stopped to unhitch his mare from a bench.

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