Jenny: Cowardice

That, thought Jason, and so many other things. What a wretched way to go! To have come this far, all of them, to make something stand out of the dark, only to be snuffed out by mercenaries. He found himself nursing a passionate hatred of Vortigern's cowardice. A few years ago a raiding party had come upon them unexpectedly, and the world had slipped and teetered for a while as Ambrosius fought to win his own leg out of a mess of wounds. But the world had righted itself: this time he could not see how they were going to survive.

He bared his teeth suddenly in a self-deprecating smile. "This is it, Druce," he said harshly. "I wish it had been as it was for the Guttersnipe: no wait, just the fight, and then the aftermath. I think I could bear it better that way."

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