Jeanne: Man Cub

Druce laughed, not so much at the boy's words as at the expressions on his face that struggled to be manly. He would have clapped the lad on his shoulder, but his broken arms made such a gesture impossible. "So ho!" he chuckled. "You had an eye on her for a bride, did you? I would advise you to look to our own stock here, and not tamper with women from over seas. As for me, I thank you for your consideration; I want no poison in my wine."

With these words he turned from the boy and went instead to the Guttersnipe and her companion. He touched his forehead to them both, but addressed the former as he said, "Where are the menfolk, Guttersnipe? I've seen nothing but women since I came - other than the cub here," he added with a considerate glance at the boy. "I've almost begun to think you have scared them away."

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